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The site consists of a number of areas: Public, "Community Portal Registered" and B1NS Members Only.

Selecting any of the topics from the menu will open a page, but will also display a menu on the right which will show additional topics that can be selected. The extent of items shown will depend on whether you have logged-in, and your membership scheme.

Some of the site is available without subscribing and without logging-in: in particular, background information about the Badham surname, its probable origins and subsequent history and distribution, is available; as is information about the Badham One Name Society - a Society dedicated to researching the Badham name as well as supporting members in tracing their own family history and possible links and joint interests with other Badham family groups. The Society frequently publishes articles of interest and there are also some example publications for you to see.

You will also see that we operate a Forum, of which limited areas are available to view without becoming a B1NS member. But we do require that you go through the registration process in order to post any introductory messages or questions. To read about Registration, either click on the link at the bottom of this page or select from the menu on the left.

Importantly, once registered, you will be able to post messages on the Forum, perhaps introducing yourself and maybe you would like to ask a question about any of your Badham past or links. We cannot guarantee you'll get an answer, but it's worth a go - our "resident experts" are a mine of information! You'll also be able to contact other registered users (via "Private Messages"), and hopefully even participate in the various on-going Research projects, all aimed at learning much more about the Badham surname and its owners. Plus you'll have online access to our "Name Index" comprising over 50,000 index entries relating to the information about source records we hold in the Society. Click HERE to see details about the information available.

Under the "About B1NS" menu you'll find information about how to join the Badham One Name Society. If you choose to become a member, you'll have unrestricted access to the site, offering information about the Society's activities and loads of current and archived articles, in addition to being able to take a full part in our active Forum, which also has sections covering Badham Family Groups (which include "Badham-centric" geographical locations) as well as current research initiatives. You'll also have FULL online access to most of the databases holding information on all the source records held by the Society (not just the Name Index referred to above). In addition, you'll have virtually unlimited access to the support resources provided by the Badham "Gurus" and other members within the Society!

If you do choose to Register, you will be asked to create a brief "Community Profile". At its most basic, this is your name (which is not shown to other members) together with a 'username' (which is your "identity" on the site) and a password. Read more about Profiles HERE - including how you can choose to add to the information after you've registered in order to find links and common interests with other Portal members.

If you are interested in joining our Community (by registering), you can also follow the links below covering Registration, Community Profiles and Contacting Other Members, where some of the other benefits available to registered users are explained.


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